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This page features personal recommendations by Eri IKEZI, a culinary journalist and traveler:


Natural wine (vin nature) is very much in these days. It is a range of wine that includes organic, bio-dynamic, etc. and restaurant/caves such as Le verre volé and Coinsot vin specialize in vin nauture. If you want to know about natural wine, this is it: Vin bio mode d’emploi : Du vin bio au vin naturel (author Jérôme Van der Putt). Recommended by Chef Katsumi Ishida.


TORAYA Paris: Toraya is one of the oldest “wagashi” (Japanese pastry) establishments in Japan. It’s Paris branch offers 5 types of jo-namagashi each day, which change periodically according to the season. Adresse : 10, Rue St-Florentin, 75001 Paris

workshop ISSé: a high-end Japanese grocery store offering artisanal products from all over Japan. The selected group of artisans normally employ less than 20 people and have over 200 years of history. The store also supplies fine ingredients to top French culinary establishments such as Pierre Hermé et Troisgros (3 stars). (11 rue Saint Augustin 75002 Paris)

GuiloGuilo Cuisine de Kyoto. A Kyoto chef star Edakuni’s Paris adventure that started 4 years ago. He offers a set menu that changes monthly at 45 euros. The table turns once in the evening. No lunch served. A good selection of sake. He travels between Kyoto and Paris while his sous-chefs opened a new branch in Hawaii this year. (8, rue Garreau 75018 Paris. Tel 01 42 54 23 92)

Lengué: An authentic Izakaya in the 5th arrondissement, offering sauteed California roll. Chef Katsutoshi Kondo is a wine afficionado, and the restaurant offers a list of  “La Derniere Bouteille”: a selection of high-end Bordeaux and Bourgogne, with prices ranging between 75 and 200 euros. (31, rue de la Parcheminerie, 5eme Tel: 01 46 33 75 10)

Walaku: A new Japanese pastry tea salon by Aida. Here artisan Murata prepares namagashi, dorayaki, and other Japanese pastries daily. The salon seats 8, so better to reserve a table before you arrive. The salon is so serene, you feel like you’ve entered Japan. . (33, rue Rousselet 75007 Paris: 01 56 24 11 02)


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