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Paris etc. ~ Les coulisses des saveurs is a web journal dedicated to exploring the culinary world in France. Through interviews with chefs, artisans, culinary schools and other players in the gastronomy industry, Paris etc. sheds light on the inner workings of the gourmet world. “How did they become who they are?” “What does it take to master their art?” “What do they believe in?” “What are the concepts behind their creations?” These are some of the themes addressed in the interviews.

Languages: Part of the goal of this site is to foster cross-cultural appreciations. Currently Japanese food is riding a great trend in France while there has been a deep historic and cultural ties between France and Japan. Japanese cuisine has been pivotal in the development of nouvelle cuisine while numerous Japanese chefs and patissiers currently train and operate in France in some of the best French culinary establishments. There are, however, relatively little understanding between the French public and the press and the Japanese cuisiniers/artisans and vice-a-versa, due, I believe, mostly to the language barrier. By providing the interviews in French, English and Japanese, attempts to provide easier cross-cultural access to the inner workings of the two worlds of gastronomy.

Why I do what I do: What motivates me the most  in this work is meeting and talking with extraordinarily dedicated and passionate individuals, most of whom have been working since their teens from early morning till dawn. These are people who have honed and mastered their crafts over decades, repeating the process and slowly developing their own style and products. They have confidence in their expertise and are proud of their skills, knowledge, work and outputs. And it is my wish that through these interviews, I can provide an opportunity for you to develop a deeper sense of these creators which would add another layer of enjoyment when you taste their creations.

Please join me from time to time on this Tour de France through and the companion blog Escargot Diary.

Eri Ikezi

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