Christophe Michalak – returning to simplicity

I evolve every day. For the longest time, I made very technical desserts that are very aesthetic, with strings of sugar. That was over 10 years ago. Today, I see that everyone does that, and I decided to stop this very artistic side. I was so deeply into the art that I can now come back to things that are more efficient, simpler and sober. I return to simplicity, but it is something that took me 20 years to understand. Continue reading

Frédéric Cassel

Frédéric Cassel: the president of Relais Desserts and the father of the maison in Fontainbleau

Everyone I train always comes back to the boutique, and I always know what is going on in their lives. They keep me up to date. I have one who calls me papa. He said, “My little one is born, and we named him Frédéric.” I didn’t ask for it. It’s recognition because we are with them. This is the goal of the maison. We are a family and a large company at the same. Continue reading