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Abri: customizing for each client with a database. An interview with Katsuaki Okiyama

For the repeaters, we maintain a database of what they ate each time. This allows me to not repeat the same dish. So if I see that a client ate a duck the last time, I would substitute it with another meat, or at least change the style. We serve 3 entrées in a menu, but we have between 15 and 20 in reserve. Continue reading

Interview Nicolas Le Bec rue Le Bec in Lyon 2011 Parisetc © All rights reserved

Nicolas Le Bec from rue Grolée to rue Le Bec

It’s true that I’m very disciplined in my work. Each plate must be identical to another. The picture must be propped in the same way each time. A certain level of rigor is a must. I believe that every great chef, not just a good chef but a great chef must necessarily be demanding. There are things that may work or not work depending on the specific characteristics in each generation. But the work remains very military-like. Everything must be organized; if someone is out of order, it will disrupt the whole system. Continue reading

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(Français) Chef boulanger Tetsuya Yamaguchi chez Robuchon Tokyo

(Français) Au restaurant, je crois que le pain que nous servons a une place importante. Vous pouvez même dire que le niveau du restaurant peut se mesurer à la qualité du pain. Le pain, un simple accompagnement, peut faire une grande différence dans l’impression que nous faisons. Continue reading